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Whats is Age of Civilization 2 APK?

Are you a Grand Strategy fan? Do you like to conquer the world? If yes, then Age of Civilization 2 is perfect for you!

Why Age of Civilization 2?

Why this game you might ask, when there are other master pieces like Europa Universalis  and Total War out there for you? Well the answer is simple, Age of Civilization 2 is as good as the other ones I mentioned, except that you can play it on your smart phone or tablet. Grand Strategy fans have been wishing for a long time for a game like Europa Universalis or Crusader Kings 2 to be released on Android and iOS, and their wish finally came true when they heard about Age of Civilization 2 .

Some might say that Age of Civilization is an exact copy of Europa Universalis 4, but that’s not entirely true. Sure, there some parts of the map have been copied from the Eu4, but it also has many features which are unique to itself.

One good thing about this grand strategy is that you don’t have to do too much micro management, sure you might have to adjust the taxes a bit or build a couple of buildings in your provinces here and there assimilate newly conquered lands into your country, but the main aim of this game is to allow the player to take control of any country in the world and do whatever they want.

There are various things you can do in this game, there is no way for you to actually win the game, but you can set your own goals, for e.g. you can reform the British Empire in the Modern Era, or you can just form it by starting in 1440 AD. You might want unite Holy Roman Empire or not take part in any aggressive actions at all and just build up your economy slowly for the welfare of the people and from a strong alliance with neighboring nations, its all up to you, its all up to your imagination. You can employ different strategies to defeat your enemies as you play the game more. As they say, its easy to learn but difficult to master.

Features of Age of Civilization 2

  • There are multiple scenarios for you to play which start in different eras of human civilization. The most popular is the default scenario which starts in 1440 AD and is probably the most exciting and historically accurate of them all. Though you can also play in the Modern World or in Ancient Greece.
  • There is an in-game editing software which allows the player to make new nations, even form able nations, leaders, etc. You can also edit the map your self and change the borders of a country if you think they are inaccurate. Scenarios can also be created which are not already in the game, like World War 1 scenario. Events can also be added by the player like the Spanish Civil War or the French Revolution.
  • You can play with your friends as well by creating a hot seat and conquer the world with them or try to destroy them. Why not?
  • Most of the in-game scenarios are historically accurate, which means that you can enjoy history to its fullest. Most of the borders are accurate and some countries even have leaders, though they might not be of the same exact time. Who knows, maybe you will surprise your history teacher.
  • Good games have a large community who make mods and other plugins for their favorite game, and the same can be said for Age of Civilization 2. There hundreds of different scenarios made by players on the game forums which other players can enjoy.
Name:Age of Civilization 2
File Size132 MB
Latest Version1.01415_ELA
Operating SystemAndroid/iOS
Latest Update4 Dec 2018

Why this APK?

Though Age of Civilization 2 is available on Play store and and App store, you have to pay for it. But, here you can get it for free. There are other Apks out there as well, but its worth noting that many of them are unsafe and can potentially be dangerous and infect your Android with a virus. This Apk however is completely safe and you can download the game without worrying about your phone getting infected by a virus.


Final Word

Age of Civilization 2 is a grand strategy which can easily compete with big names like Europa Universalis and Total War and allows players to experience grand strategy at its best on their smart phones or tablets, which they couldn’t do before. One thing of interest about this game is that it was developed by a one-man army, which means that it’s made by just a single person. That alone would convince many people to get it seeing the quality of the game. Though there is room for improvement in the actual game and also the in-game editor. However, that is unlikely that as the developer has announced that he will not work on this game any more as he wants to move on to another project, which is a shame really. But you can still play this amazing on your mobile or tablet even if it has some cons.


Age of Civilizations 2 latest APK 1.01415
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